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Serving both Residential & Commercial buildings

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Premium Quality Sliding Door Installation

If you want to add aesthetics to your home or office, installing a quality sliding door would be the classiest option for you. Modern lifestyle requires modern choices; that is why S&S Sliding Door Repair brings a range of sliding door options for you. We collaborate with multiple leading sliding door brands that make us the first choice for our clients in Sunrise, FL. Whether you need wooden sliding doors, pocket sliding doors, French sliding doors, or tempered glass sliding doors, we have it for you! Upgrade your property by adding an appealing aspect by calling our sliding door installers.

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Adding Style

We bring variety according to your requirements to add a contemporary look.

sliding door installation sunrise fl

Increased Security

Sliding door installation provides greater security with better locking options.

sliding glass door installation

Add A Decorative Feature To Your Property

Do-it-yourself sliding door installation may be easy, but it’s not an option for many homeowners. That is where S&S Sliding doors come in. With years of experience, we have become experts at installing any sliding door. We have a range of options for any sliding door material you want. We make sure that you experience maximum comfort, luxury, and beauty in your home with our seamless installation services.

sliding glass door installation sunrise florida

Easy Operation

Sliding doors are easy to operate, making them a popular choice.


Glass sliding doors are energy-efficient because of the frame material and multi-layered glass panes.

Residential & Commercial Installation

Sliding doors can be a beautiful addition to your home as it adds to the aesthetics of your living space. The visual appeal of these doors gives your living rooms contemporary looks that have made them quite popular in modern homes. Not only that, but sliding doors have also become a popular choice for shop owners, building entrances, and offices as they give a sleek impression to the customers. S&S Sliding Doors offers the best quality residential and commercial sliding door installation to make any space stand out. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete every project timely and perfectly!

We offer free, no-obligation quotes, where our qualified service experts will visit you and carry out a thorough inspection of your faulty sliding door. So, if your door has become jammed, broken, or even if you have just noticed that the door looks wrecked and dated, give S&S Sliding Door Repairs a call today, and we’ll be happy to help.