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Struggling with a broken sliding glass door is difficult. Make your life easy while you enjoy time with your family in the backyard. The broken sliding glass door can cause frustration and can ruin your door. So we’re here to help. At Sunrise Sliding door, we specialize in repairing any glass door issue. Our expert technicians can restore your glass door as you get it out of the retail store. Our repair services are tailored to get your door fix quickly. We handle broken rollers, rusted tracks, stripped gliders, and broken glass doors. We can repair any sliding door, whether a patio door, pocket door, closet door.

Our expert technicians with knowledge and many years of experience know to fix your door correctly. Our professionals have proven success records in installing and repairing sliding glass doors in Sunrise, FL. If you are wrestling with your stuck entryway, don’t panic. Give us a call, and our experts will reach there in less than 30 minutes and thoroughly examine the sliding glass door. 

glass repair sliding door
sliding door glass repair service

Some Glass Repair Solutions we Provide

We start with a comprehensive assessment and change any damaged or worn-out parts that make your sliding glass door hard to function. We usually look for broken rollers, damaged door tracks, and wrecked hardware such as locks, handles, and rollers. If glass door is broken, we can also replace it with a new hard piece. We can even help install a new screen for your sliding glass door or repair your previous one! Our repair service includes; 

  • Assisting with clean-up and removal of harmful debris
  • Boarding up for a speedy fix
  • Assessing out the measurements for new glass and evaluating if any other damage will need fixing
  • Installing new glass built for your specific opening
  • Modifying the door for perfect performance

Don’t deal with broken glass doors because it’s just a headache—Let our team fix it, so you enjoy your daily life.   

Our Entire Process for Glass Repair

  1. Inspect
    We inspect each sliding glass door to determine if repairs are necessary
  2. Clean
    We clean thoroughly clean sliding glass door
  3. Lubricate
    Lubricate previous locking mechanism and rollers with silicone
  4. Fix Roller
    Adjust rollers’ height to get proper alignment
  5. Adjust Handle
    Fix handle assembly to ensure proper locking
sliding door glass repair
sliding door glass repair

What type of Damage We can Repair?

If you are living in FL, You need to prepare your building for hurricane season is necessary. If you don’t follow a defensive tune-up plan for your sliding glass door, you could deal with expensive property damage from water damage and high winds.  

At Sunrise Sliding door, we can help install, repair, and maintain glass doors on your patio. We can repair if the glass door damaged is caused by:

  • Extremely usage 
  • Environment and weather conditions 
  • Lack of attention for maintenance 

What kind of Glass Repair Issues we Handle?

Sliding Glass Door Repair

We service all sliding glass door repairs, including roller repair, track repair, off-track doors, latches, handles, and more. ​ 

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

We installed new sliding doors and replaced old patio doors. We carry all major sliding glass door brands for replacement.

Lock / Handle Replacement

We service all sliding patio door repairs, including roller repair, track repair, off-track doors, latches, handles, and more. 

Track Repair / Replacement

Often, the problem with sliding glass doors is not the rollers but the track. It may need to be cleaned, adjusted, or replaced. 

Roller Repair / Replacement

We deal with all sliding door repairs, including track repair, off-track doors, handles, latches  and more. 

Glass Replacement

Whether your sliding patio door has crashed, shattered, or has moisture between the panes, we can fix it by changing the glass door. 

Sliding Screen Door Replacement

Whether your backyard screen door needs repairing, is torn, or needs to be re-screened, Sunrise sliding Glass door handles it all. We service all sliding screen doors. 

sliding door glass repair service

What Makes Us the Best

We know that there are numerous options for sliding glass door repair in Sunrise. So what makes us the right choice for residential and commercial sliding glass door repair and replacement is our reputation in built-in years.

Quick and Efficient

Our team of expert sliding glass door installers rapidly and professionally replaces your doors with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Once we have the sliding door, we can be in and out and have you back to normal quickly.

Trustworthy and

Having someone in your property is a matter of trust. You can trust our technicians to be respectful of your space and work in a proficient and friendly manner.

Attention to Detail

Whether you have one pane or double pane windows in a commercial or residential location, we replace just damaged glass or entire doors as needed. We cautiously measure and install every part to make sure the fix is durable.

Quality Service at Fair Price

We aim to provide you with a premium quality product skillfully installed to meet your requirements for a long time to come. We guarantee a no hard-sell experience – your satisfaction is our aim. Contact us to get started with glass door repair service for your residential or commercial property.