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Handle Replacement & Repairs for all Sliding Door Types

Variety of Sliding Door Handle Options for your Pocket

A broken sliding-door handle can be an unwelcome problem, especially if you have to make an emergency repair from a local hardware store. Sliding doors and door hardware can break at the worst times possible, leaving you to look for options that will get your sliding door back in working order over a Saturday night.

With professional sliding door repair by S&S Sliding Door Repair, you’ll feel as if you have one less thing to worry about. We specialise in repairing all types of broken sliding door hardware and replacing them quickly – often on the same day that you called. Don’t live with a broken sliding-door handle any longer. Call today to learn more about our repair services!

Why Get Sliding Door Handles?

There are many benefits of using the sliding door handle. Some of them are as follows:

Easy Use 

The main advantage of sliding door handles is that they allow for a smooth opening and closing experience.


Many slider doors handle come with a locking mechanism and an alarm system that makes it impossible for anyone to enter without first entering their access code to unlock it. Sliding door handles with good quality locks ensure that you get maximum safety for your home and family members.

Increased Beauty 

The handles are one of the most important parts of a sliding door. The handle of a door can add to the aesthetic look of the door.

Easy To Install

One of the great things about sliding glass door handles is their easy installation. Since most of them have simple designs, anyone can install them without problems. You need to follow the instruction manual, and everything will go smoothly.

Types Of Sliding Doors Handles We Repair & Replace

At S&S Sliding Door Repair, we take care of all types of patio sliding glass door handles. Whether you want us to fix the handle lock and latch or replace it completely, we ensure perfection in every job we do! Here are all the types of sliding door handles we can fix for you:

Surface Mount Handles

The first type of handle we will look at is the surface mount. The surface mount handle is mounted directly to the door without any cutouts. This type of handle only works on doors that have no locks.

Mortise Lock Handle Sets

The next type of handle is a mortise lock. This type of handle requires a cutout in the shape of a keyhole in the door. The mortise lock may be either single-sided or double-sided, depending on the kind of door you are using it on. Mortise locks usually come with a spring latch and an optional deadbolt. You can use this type of handle with either wood or metal doors.

Inset Style Locksets

Inset style locksets are popular for sliding glass doors, especially in newer applications such as patio doors and large living room windows. These sets fit into the door and give it a clean, smart look while providing functionality.

One-Sided Handles

One-sided handles are meant for doors with only one side or panel that moves back and forth. Because only one side of the door moves, attaching a handle on both sides is unnecessary. One-sided handles are often found on doors leading out onto patios or decks. These types of handles come in many styles, including D-shaped handles with locking mechanisms and flat metal handles that may require a key to lock and unlock them.

Two-Sided Handles

For many interior closet doors, you need two handles on either side of your door so that you can open it.

Loose Sliding Door Handle Repair Sunrise

Most handles have two parts: the strike plate, which stays fixed in place, and the handle itself, which you hold onto while you open or close the door. Sliding door handles for your patio door can become loose on the strike plate or fall off after years of use. The biggest culprit is the screws that hold the handle on. These screws can work their way loose and eventually fall out. The good news is that you can fix the issue in no time! 

Sliding Screen Door Latch Repair Sunrise, FL

When your sliding door starts giving you a hard time, the main culprit is usually the latch that holds it closed. The latch consists of a handle in which you insert a spring-loaded metal pin that locks into the track of the door frame. This keeps the door from opening when you don’t want it to. However, if the spring breaks or tracks misaligns, it can become difficult to keep it locked, causing security issues. Don’t worry because we have the expertise and equipment to resolve these issues without breaking a sweat. 

Our Sliding Door Handle Replacement Process

Do you have a worn-out sliding door handle? Not a problem; we’ve got replacement sliding door handles that will fit any type and brand sliding door, including patio and screen doors. We carry a full line of handles and locks for sliding doors.

Our technicians will start by taking off the old handle and latch mechanism. They’ll unscrew the screws located on the inside of the door, allowing them to remove the handle. It will also help them determine the mounting bracket used to hold onto the handle. If the screws or mounting is rusted or corroded, we’ll replace them too.  

Once the handle is removed, we’ll attach new mounting brackets to your frame if necessary. Because different handles require different kinds of brackets, we ensure you get something that fits your needs.

Our sliding door parts are original that works perfectly for all models of the brands we support. We have sliding door handles, pully covers, and track parts; you can also find lock and latch sets, screws, and other useful items for your sliding door.

Quality Is All That We Offer!

At S&S Sliding Door Repair, we’ll remove any hassle from fixing and replacing sliding door hardware. With quality craftsmanship and a fast turnaround, we can take care of all your needs. Whether it’s a replacement handle or a full repair handrail that has to be removed, we have the skill to do it. You name it; we’ll fix it. We can source and replace your sliding door handle without the need for removing your door or disassembling the mechanism– so why not give us a call? We can come to your home and fix your sliding door handle within just a few hours and often on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions For Sliding Doors

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about sliding door handles:

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Sliding Door Handle?

The cost to repair a sliding door handle varies depending on the type of material that the door is made out of. Professional labor to get your sliding door handle repaired can cost you anywhere between $50 and $250. 

Are Sliding Door Handles Universal?

Sliding door handles are not universal, as you have to take proper measurements of the frame before replacing one. Different sliding door manufacturers use different types of handles, requiring the right fit to work.

How Much Is A Sliding Glass Door Replacement?

Replacing a handle on a sliding glass door can cost anywhere from $50 to more than $100. It may be difficult to find the parts if you have an older model, making the replacement more expensive.